Mobile Intensive Coronary Care Unit
The Medic One Van Preservation Fund was founded to restore and preserve, the
Seattle Fire Department’s first Medic One Apparatus, built in 1969. Custom built for
Seattle’s Medic One Program this one of a kind, Mobile Intensive Coronary Care Unit,
(MICCU) was one of the first in the County to provide advance emergency medical

Restoration of the Medic One.

This story begins with a search for the lost Medic One.
For years no one knew what had happened to the old Medic One Van.
Alan Kirlin, founder and president of the Medic One Van Preservation Fund, spent 3
years searching for the apparatus. Knowing well that what he was looking for was
of historic value. Alan’s father, Raymond Kirlin, was in 1969 Public Relations officer
for the Seattle Fire Department, and during the development of the Medic One
Program, Raymond served to inform the public and promote the Medic One Program.
One Day on a camping and eagle watching trip to the Skagit River in northern
Washington, Alan came upon the broken down Medic One. Dented and tattered, its
fire engine red faded, wiping away the moss reveled the faint MICCU lettering and
the Seattle Fire Departments Logo. My heart and sprite raced as I envisioned red
flashing lights, the wailing siren and the Paramedics with their tackle boxes as they
carried out the urgency of saving lives. Remembering what my dad said about the
number of lives saved on account of this Medic One, perhaps 200.  A sobering look
inside at the gutted interior momentarily tested my goals, but I recall photos of the
interior and restoring it is very doable. On the lighter side, the engine an Oldsmobile
Rocket 455, “meanest block alive” required just a new fuel filter and continued to
beat like new. On July 1st, 2000 we loaded the Medic One on a flat bed trailer and
returned it to Seattle where it is being restored.
The Medic One Van Preservation Fund was founded in 2001.
A not for profit corporation, our sole goal is to restore and preserve the Medic One
With your help we can display this historic example for everyone to enjoy and inspire.

Alan K Kirlin

The Medic One Van Preservation Fund, is a not for profit organization, recognized by the IRS as a
501c3 corporation.
The Medic One Van Preservation Fund, is not affiliated with the Seattle Fire Department, the Medic
One foundation, or the Seattle Fire Department Medic One Program., or HarborView Hospital.
The Seattle Fire Department's Medic One Program does contain a photo of the old Medic One Van,
complements of the Medic One Van Preservation Fund. The Seattle Fire Department is aware of our
efforts to restore the old Medic One Van and is supportive of our goal.